Morning apocalypse!

Well it’s a beautiful morning in London! The rain is heavy and the sun looks like a fiery apocalypse of some sort… and my body feels like it’s been through some kind of apocalyptic ordeal… but it’s paying off… I’m starting to see some definition creep to the surface! Operation: “fuck off fatty” is well into fruition!

I’m still a way off my summer body best, but here is a month of MAXIMUM EFFORT! From fat me all the way down to medium me… next up: buff me… that’s actually the hardest part! The first month or two is getting your muscles back into work mode, you never gain as fast as when you’re “getting back to where you were” when your body is just forgotten how to exert itself… once you’ve “gotten back into it” the real hard work begins! Real progress takes effort, and it takes more effort the older you get… so thanks for the motto deadpool… “MAXIMUM EFFORT”

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