Operation: “fuck off fatty”

So, covid made me fat… Well, not actually the covid so much as the great periods of inactivity…

Fat me.

Being locked indoors for the better part of a year with nothing to do other than binge every last drop of Netflix crap available, order takeaways or get into cooking after watching a bunch of foodie shows on the aforementioned Netflix, and drink…

Training at 3am!

I’m pretty sure the average weight of the whole population, not to mention the number of alcoholics, divorces and pregnancies have all gone up dramatically since it all began!

At the end of the first lockdown I joined a gym, and two days later they locked down again… so I continued to Netflix and chill, by myself, and use my Uber eats vouchers…

Well now we are moving again, I got my fat ass to the gym, to begin Operation “fuck off fatty”!

Two weeks in: healthy food and regular exercise!

I got up to 105 kg at one point, and after only a month I am back around 90 ish… “oh wow! What kind of diet did you do? Slimming world? Weight watchers?…

NO! I got on my bloody bike and pedal 10 miles every day, then go to the gym ridiculously early and spend an hour on cardio sweating so much it looks like I’ve just showered with my clothes on and then pick up big lumps of steel until I can’t move any more… then I go eat a kilo of chicken and a full head of broccoli… I call this the “calorie deficit diet” train harder and you can eat as much as you like… and I love hot wings and strangely enough, broccoli!

Honestly, I don’t even mix broccoli with anything, I steam a head and just eat it off the stalk, and then eat the stalk! I’m so glad it’s healthy food!!! Spinach, chillis and onions too! Fibre, vitamins and minerals plus a whole heap of chickeny protein! 🤤

I’ll soon be back here!… 82kg

Just paid my second month at “Pure gym St. Paul’s” and I’ve been going pretty much every day. That’s how you look in the mirror and say “fuck off fatty”!

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