Almost missed Thursday

I’ve not been well after a screw up from “Chipotle” mislabelled food and gave me an upset with my allergies, so I of course complained, the head of European relations has called personally and gave me four free burrito vouchers, which is a start, but considering how badly a screw up like that could have gone I’m still pissed…

They should be well aware how badly something like that could have gone, for example peanut allergy is famous for its severity, imagine I’d died, at least my family would have been minted with the litigation that would follow, but I’d have been left never to have my need for burrito fulfilled…

The best burrito I’ve ever found is “habanero’s burrito bar” in Truro! If only they had a branch in London, that would be my breakfast dinner and tea as often as I could afford, I love me a burrito!!!

At least chipotle had the good grace to pay me off with free burritos… but they’re still not as good as “habanero’s burrito bar”!!!

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